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Updated on Friday, September 12


QUESTION: Does anyone care about your coop eval once you graduate?


  1. You can put it as an achievement on your resume for that job if you did well.. Otherwise, not really.

    1. What if lets say, you leave a bad impression, and you wanna come back to that company, is it completely impossible?

    2. Completely impossible? Obviously not. Harder for you? Yes.

      What will happen is that during hiring, they will try to get as much information about you as possible, and the best resource are people that know you that they feel they can trust (which may end up being your supervisor). So if you want to come back, you damn well will need to boost up your other qualifiers, such as your experience, recommendations from other bosses etc. - those have to outweigh the potentially bad impression you made at the company (which can prove to be heavy)

  2. After you graduate, no employer will have access to your evaluations unless you decide to provide them. They will probably care a lot more about what jobs you have had though may want references. If you left a bad impression you probably shouldn't be using that company as a reference. If 1A is the OP, you have a chance to get back into the company if they don't talk with your old boss, though chances are anybody who you gave a bad impression to wouldn't want to hire you back. You would probably have a better chance to go back if the company considered is very large vs small where everybody knows you.