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Updated on Tuesday, September 9


QUESTION: New to Waterloo, where do my fellow students go to give cheap groceries? Does Zehrs give a student discount?



  1. Zehrs is 10% of groceries on Tuesdays, on the expensive side though... I think Sobeys has it twice or thrice a week, but Sobeys is on the expensive side as well. I would recommend taking the 202 and going to the Boardwalk (15 min bus ride) where you can shop at Walmart for cheap groceries. Perhaps even better would be Food Basics on Fischer-Hallman, take the 201 to Fischer/University (12 min bus ride). Frescho on University is also cheap, I don't know the route however... and I'm not sure about the delays with all the construction down on that end of University Ave. You're welcome friend ;) happy shopping.

  2. Zehrs - 10% off on Tuesdays
    Sobeys - 10% off on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    If you sign up for their point cards you can rack up points pretty quick for free food down the road.

  3. I have found Walmart and Freshco to be the cheapest in general. (Freshco is probably "out of the way" for most students though). There is also a Walmart at the Bridgeport plaza if that one is closer to you.

    Check flyers though before shopping to get the best deals possible, and always take into account the 10% student discount in your calculations for Zehrs and Sobeys.

    Also good tip: Walmart will deliver for free (no minimum purchase). They sell food online (except for stuff like fresh produce/refrigerated/frozen items...).

  4. freshco, the bus goes there

    1. I agree. I see @4's point though.. there are people here who think living outside of residence is "far". Good grief...

  5. If budget is a real concern, it's worth taking the extra time to travela bit farther to Freshco or Food Basics. That's what I did.