OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, September 8


QUESTION: Alberta doesn't teach anything about matrices. How fucked am I for Linear Algebra? Considering just buying some extra lube for midterms.


  1. ontario doesn't either. the internationals come in with much more knowledhe.

    i was fine. you'll be fine

  2. linear algebra shouldn't be too hard

    remembering the word "linear" should a lot of your proof problems

  3. They'll assume you don't know about matrices and will teach them to you

    Source: Took linear algebra, did high school in Alberta

  4. I"m from Alberta as well, it's definitely not as hard as it looks. But it wouldn't hurt to brush up on it as soon as you can.

  5. You'll be fine.

    Alberta HYPE!

  6. Alberta vs. Ontario makes no difference as soon as you finish Unit 1.

    P.S. There are 9 units, so don't worry. Study hard and it will pay off. Good luck! :)