OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, August 30


QUESTION: I'm supposed to be on my third work term but I have decided to not get a co-op placement for the term. Does anyone know the process for taking a co-op term off (if there even is a process)?


  1. If you're talking about this term you're an idiot. Why did you not do this earlier.... Go talk to Eddie Dupont in Math/computing.

  2. Sorry that's only if you're in math... don't know who the adviser for eng is

  3. No need to be rude

    1. Its pretty retarded to try to change schedules around this late

  4. The process is to talk to your co-op advisor.

  5. Each Department will have a co-op advisor who can assist in the process. The request has to be made at least one month before the start of term ( of study/work sequence).

    You fill out the change of sequence form ( then take it to your Departmental advisor who signs and forwards the form to the Co-op offices. The main thing to anticipate is whether you can complete all of your academic requirements with the adjusted schedule (since some courses are not offered every term or even every year).