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Updated on Saturday, August 30


QUESTION: Moving to the big city (Toronto) for co-op and living on my own for a while. All of my friends are either working in different cities or in school.

How do I cope with the loneliness? This might sound like a stupid question, but just wondering how other students dealt with the situation and their take on it.


  1. - Go to WatPub, and try and see who works in the same building, or near you, and have lunch together
    - Hopefully, there will be other co-ops from Waterloo/other places working with you, meet them and try out new things in the city together
    - Join an evening class/club at UofT, you'll meet many people around your own age

    Have an amazing time in Toronto! :)

    1. Where can one get more information on Watpub? A google search is looking sparse.

      Also, what is the process of joining a uoft club?

    2. Facebook! Search WatPub Toronto Fall 2014 or the like, or join the group posted below, maybe that's what they're doing instead of WatPub this year.

      And I don't think you can join a UofT club because we're not students there, but Hart House ( has a ton of cool classes.

  2. - Join the Co-op Connection: Toronto Chapter on Facebook and become an active participant.
    - Just roam around town and go into bars and meet people.

    Co-Op Connection Toronto!

  4. Toronto is one of the biggest cities in North America. Meet some people.

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  6. Go on Tindr and meet someone near by. I went on it for kicks, met a guy who lived close by - we hung out a lot and now he's my boyfriend :)

  7. You can also use couchsurfing to meet people.

    If the original post means dealing with being alone rather than how to NOT be alone, I have no advice.