OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, August 30


QUESTION: If I am moving into one of the residences that does not have wireless internet, just using an ethernet cable, does this mean I can't get internet on my phone?

- from a guy bad with technology


  1. what the fuck do you think, genius?

  2. All rez on campus has wireless Internet. Wired Internet is just a bonus.

    1. To add to this, all of UW is (supposedly) covered by eduroam, the university's wireless network. You have access to this in res. I remember it being pretty spotty but this was a few years ago so it might be better now.

  3. If you live at the St. Paul's grad buildings, they don't have wireless.

    If there's no wireless you can't use internet on your phone without using up data on your phone.

  4. parts of clv dont have wifi, just get a router, get a decent one so you can share the connection with friends, and use it in the future.