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Updated on Sunday, August 24


QUESTION: does uw offer health insurance?


  1. Yes

  2. The University itself offers UHIP, which is a plan for foreign students which is roughly equivalent to OHIP, the public health care system for Ontarians. This plan is mandatory if you aren't covered by OHIP or a health plan from another Canadian province. The University has a page explaining UHIP.

    The Federation of Students and the Graduaate Student Association each offer a supplementary health & dental plan, linked above. These plans are entirely optional, but in my own personal opinion, it's a good idea to get it (which one you get depends on if you're an undergrad or a grad student). Further details about who is automatically in the plan and how to opt out are on the University site. If you're automatically enrolled in the health plan, you can't opt out unless you're covered by some other plan (but you can opt out of the dental plan).

    1. I thought the feds/gsa plan is only optional if you have other insurance (through your parents for example). If you only have OHIP, they won't let you opt out.

    2. Yes, sorry. I got it right later on in the post. The dental plan is optional, the health plan is not, unless you have other coverage.

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