OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, August 24


QUESTION: Has anyone asked a prof for extra credit work after the marks have come out, in order to improve their final mark? How did that turn out?


  1. After the marks come out? The answer will be no.

    You should have tried raising your marks or asking for more work during, you know, the fucking school term.

  2. After the marks come out: No. During the term: Still no.

    I worked as a research assistant with a prof for 3 terms. She sometimes got requests similar to OP's and she would definitely say no every time.

    Allowing you to do extra credit work to improve your grade wouldn't be fair to the other students who don't get this opportunity. Also, a prof most likely wouldn't want to put in the extra effort to think up another assignment and mark said assignment just for one student.

  3. Some people in my class asked for that about 3 weeks before final, and the prof was nice enough to give us an bonus project to do.

  4. I asked the prof to review my exam and my class mark when up a few percent.

    But just asking for marks? No lol

  5. Did an extra assignment after final marks came out and went from a 71 to an 82. Turned out pretty good.