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Updated on Thursday, August 21


QUESTION: Is it possible to get into grad school (biology) with no research experience? Like, if only 10 people a year get undergrad research positions, how are other people supposed to get into grad school?


  1. Volunteer in a research lab? But there's so many summer research positions in Toronto at the hospitals (e.g., St. Michael's, Sunnybrook, Mt. Sinai) etc that I'm surprised you couldn't get one after 4 years... Plus a lot of people dislike research so you need some more exp before dedicating yourself to this route.

  2. I didn't have any research experience at all (I'm in science as well) but I just talked to one of my professor and said I was interested in grad school and they usually have students do a research term before they start their Master's in order to get lab experience. It was an undergrad research scholarship and as long as your marks are decent (>80%) I don't think it's too difficult to get one.

  3. around 50 undergrads a year get research exp in biology
    ~30 from B499
    ~12 from NSERC USRA
    rest from volunteering

    any idiot can get into grad school in biology, but u have to be pretty topnotch to get a decent supervisor (our biology dept is mediocre in terms of reseach, mostly plant & environmental stuff, very little biomed)

    1. also, bio research is by far not for everyone, which is why it is advised that you get a taste of it before entering grad school.

    2. I agree with 3a. I wanted to go into research and did an internship in a lab, and realized that summer that I hated research and ended up changing domains :o

    3. ^ switched from .org to .com ;)

    4. Or what about from eukarya to bacteria? Archaea? ;)