OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, August 19


QUESTION: Anybody with VMedia, Acanac, or Start for internet? Any reviews or plan suggestions?


  1. Just go with Teksavvy if your building does not have a deal worked out with one of the big companies.

    You do have to buy a modem, but you can find them used online and if you end up getting one new it is still not particularly expensive.

  2. I've been with Start since January, when they had plans that were cheaper than Rogers, etc. (They're now in the same range approximately)

    With Start, you've got dedicated lines for most cities; you call in and you're speaking to a person right away. The people you speak to are knowledgeable and straight to the point. No upselling, no fishy business.

    As far as I remember, they only require 6 days notice if you ever want to cancel, which is really cool in my opinion. They also sync up your bill with the first of every month so that it's easy for you to remember when you're being charged.

    Uploading doesn't count as part of your bandwidth and you've got free downloads every night from 2 AM until 8 AM.

    I can some up my experience with Start in one word: Hassle-free.

  3. I don't know anything about Start or VMEDIA, but i can say: stay away from Acanac. Terrible service and shoddy connection

  4. i love acanac ive never had one day of missed internet ! and its super fast