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Updated on Tuesday, August 19


QUESTION: Does anyone have experience signing with KW4rent, hoffaco or WOCH?


  1. I'm starting a lease with Hoffaco for September. Fingers crossed!

  2. NOOO Don't sign with Hoffaco.
    They are one of the most unorganized companies I've had to deal with.
    They will also blatantly ignore you.
    Getting them to actually fix a problem is like pulling teeth.
    You can never actually contact someone from Hoffaco, their phone number gets you to a call centre, and the people there know nothing and can only forward your request to a landlord. I don't know how many times we were told we would be "called back by a landlord". That never happened. It got to be a kind of joke after a while. "Yep, Hoffaco is going to call us back!"
    When they actually did come to fix something, it was half assed and unsatisfactory.
    For example: We had severe mould issues in our apartment due to dampness. (Our walls would actually drip water). Their solution was for us to run a dehumidifier 24/7. We were paying for electricity, so we weren't exactly thrilled with this "solution" (it didn't even stop wet walls and mould anyways). Any requests to talk about compensation were blatantly ignored. We literally could not get in contact with a landlord about it.
    Oh sure, sometimes a contractor would come in and "clean" the mould. This involved painting over it, and it would grow back shortly after. One time, a contractor actually painted a different colour on the wall, and simply left it so we had a giant awful looking blotch on our wall. We were trying to show our apartment to potential sublets at this time, and we couldn't get any response as to whether anyone was coming in to complete the job or not.

    There were so many other issues, I can't get into everything here.
    But believe me, it was the most awful, frustrating, and stressful renting experience I've ever had.

    1. Can I ask which apartment building you lived in?

    2. It was one of the low rise apartments on Erb and Westmount (there are 2 beside each other).

  3. Haven't had any real issues with KW4rent, just don't sign for a building that is brand new (looking @ you, 208 sunview) because they tend to be not completely ready for september.