OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, August 19


QUESTION: What do external people make of this?

Ex and I are friends and hang out. Since breaking up with me and a brief break he has never made an advance and we don't hook up ever. He still does sweet stuff that was meaningful when we were dating (like flicking the light at me when I drive home) and implies he sees us together in the future. He invited me on a trip with him one on one to more than one place (like vacations together), and recently has suggested maybe I sleep over again but I think he honestly means just sleep. We've slept beside each other when we went camping but.. I can't figure out his deal. He isn't seeing anyone and as far as I can tell he isn't sleeping with anyone, at least not since immediately after the breakup. Seriously.. What is up?


  1. Ask him, not strangers who know nothing about either of you.

  2. Whenever people post very detailed descriptions of their problem, I always wonder if the person they're describing visits this site, recognises the description of themselves, then gives anonymous advice best attuned to what they want out of the situation.

  3. He's stringing you along while he fucks other people... Duh.

  4. Ya he's keeping you out of convenience, obviously he has no intentions on escalating the relationship - the moment someone better walks into his life you'll be dropped almost immediately. You guys broke up! Either get back together officially or stop thinking of him like that. Sounds like you still have some feelings, I suggest a break until you figure your shit out.

    Anyways, we aren't the ones you should be talking to about this.