OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, August 19


QUESTION: There are a lot of jobs in the USA regarding my desired career field but I'm not sure it's worth applying for them as a Canadian resident. The jobs I'm looking at are all entry level NGO positions, and I'm unsure if the employer would go through the trouble of submitting a visa application for me.

Has anyone had any experience working in the US, and who might be able to give me some advice? All input is appreciated!


  1. What's the harm in applying?

    I worked in the US for a term, the employer arranged the visa stuff. If they are advertising at a Canadian university, they are likely expecting Canadian applicants.

    This is a good question for an interview. But you have to get there first. I say apply.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The problem is that I am not applying through the university but using online job data bases instead. Although some jobs will state US citizenship as a requirement, a lot of them don't so I'm never quite sure. I assume it's a preference, but to what extent. Ahhh hate job hunting haha Thanks again though!