OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, August 15


QUESTION: So, I was put on conditional standing in the Fall 2013 term, and now I am worried that I haven't bumped my marks up high enough for this Spring 2014 term. I am thinking about petitioning to my Faculty because I have had to deal with some personal difficulties throughout this term, which I believe have effected my academic term. I have a counsellor that I have been seeing to back me up on the petition.
Has anyone else ever done this? What were the results?


  1. You're done. You will find no sympathy from anyone. You were given a second chance and blew it.

  2. I think that this depends on what exactly you are petitioning. As far as I know, and perhaps depending on your faculty, you can only petition to completely erase the entire term(s) from your transcript. Again, don't quote me on this and I think it would be beneficial to speak to an academic advisor or your counsellor for concrete advice, but I believe that there are options depending on the circumstances of your personal situation. Hope this helps and good luck! :)