OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, August 11


QUESTION: Does anyone know if this is a real event? The Facebook event is kind of sparse, and "Dreams Management" is based out of India so I'm confused.


  1. It seems a little sketchy to me. Their website only has this carnival as an event. Having said that, it is on the city's website, so they've clearly booked space for the carnival to happen. (

    I would personally advise against buying a ticket in advance, especially since you can buy tickets the day of at the carnival. Worst case scenario, you stand in line.

  2. Carnivals are notoriously sketchy affairs. Do what everybody else is going to do and buy your tickets when you arrive. Just like #1 points out!

    It probably is real, since fake events and organizations tend to be glaringly obvious. We have them show up and try to leave stuff at the Mel's counter all the time.