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Updated on Saturday, August 9


QUESTION: is there much of a music scene in UW? i'm going into second year and i play guitar and im kind of shy and dont know where to meet people. other than uw dj and open mics at the bomber, is there a music scene at all? do people go to shows? do people have bands?


  1. starlight has the middle-of-the-road-generic-indie-rock-pop bands play fairly often.

    cafe pyrus, Maxwells Music House and yeti have the local acoustic type of stuff.

    Beta and Pearl sometimes get medium-large name DJs. (Tiesto played a while ago, skrillex played when skrillex was a thing)

    punk house shows were happening at a place south of uptown dubbed 'indigo plateau', band members of Battlewulf and Mighty Atom lived there, think they all moved out. dunno where that stuff's happening now, but princess cafe had a show a month ago with 2 psych-rock bands from halifax + 1 kw band.

    1. oh, and chainsaw has a bar band every now and then. Used to be Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, before they moved to Toronto.

      if you want music friends, get into the Laurier music program crowd.

  2. What kind of music do you like? If you like classical, KW symphony and KW chamber music society have shows pretty much every week. If you like jazz, then look no further than the Jazz Room at the Heuther Hotel from September to June with live shows every week as well.

    As mentioned above, there is also a good indie/rock scene here as well.

  3. Waterloo Music Club. Go to general meetings and meet other players. You can form bands there.