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Updated on Wednesday, August 6


QUESTION: I'm going to be in my 3A term this fall and I haven't developed good study skills yet. I can't seem to focus in class. I absolutely hate reading notes/chapters because I can't focus. I procrastinate a lot and can't seem to get work done until the last moment. Any tips? How did you learn to study efficiently? I want to do well (85% + average) in my remaining time in this school.


  1. Preach. Same boat, same boat friend.

  2. Depends on the program. If you're in CS like me, I actually feel like the courses get easier (unless you take those the big 3).

    I recommend you and friend make a schedule and put milestones in as well. If you fail to meet the milestone, you can do something like (idk) donate $5 to a charity, get your friend to punch you in the face/groin/whatever or do 100 push ups.

    Its easier to study with other people because we push each other to do better.

  3. How to study tip one: write the point you are trying to learn down. Then write it down again. Then write it down again. Then write it down again. Repeat for next point. Then write this point down again, did you remember it perfectly? No? Write it down again 5 more times.

    1. Thats such bad advice, I think some naive kid just might commit suicide because of it

  4. The key is to first want to succeed and fail, then the salt will wallow in your wounds of disdain and then you may summon the willpower to rise up and start becoming your potential