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Updated on Wednesday, August 6


QUESTION: 1. Easiest class taken?
2. Most interesting class taken?
3. Hardest class taken?
4. Least interesting class taken?


  1. 1. Classical Mythology
    2. Interpersonal Relationships
    3. Organic Chemistry
    4. This is a toss up between math 127/128, econ 101, and organic chem

  2. This really made me reflect on the courses I've taken in the past. Even more so than I had thought it would. Wow.

    1. Easiest for me was math 127, but chem 120 is super easy too - not a lot of new material introduced in comparison to high schools in Ontario. Even actsc 221 is easy, all you gotta do is understand the concepts and what's going on.

    2. Actsc 221 would be the most interesting and useful class I've ever taken. If you want to get good marks and learn important, valuable life skills, I'd recommend taking that course. Prof's awesome too. You'll not be disappointed. It's easy marks as well.
    Even CS 116 is interesting, you learn about Python.

    3. Organic chem was the hardest, no second thoughts about that.

    4. Least interesting would be Calculus 3 for me. Things didn't make sense anymore, all it was was mechanical stuff and plugging and chugging.

    For me though profs play a major role in forming my opinion about a course. I've taken linear algebra and statistics and although some students might not find them interesting, I really enjoyed them.

  3. 1. Portrait Drawing (on exchange), Cell Biolgy at UW
    2. Computational Modelling of Cellular Systems
    3. Mechanics of Deformable Solids
    4. Engineering Economics

    1. ^ OMG I've always wanted to take BIOL/AMATH 382!! Can you give more info about the course, please?

      How big was your class, how was the prof? How is the breakdown of the course like? Are there any courses other than calc 2 that might be of help? (I've taken math 128)

      Thanks a lot!!

  4. 1. Easiest class taken? MUSIC 140
    2. Most interesting class taken? CS 350
    3. Hardest class taken? PHYS 234
    4. Least interesting class taken? CS 245

  5. 1. Easiest - Clas 202 (props to Dr Hutter) or Stat 202
    2. Interesting - Biol 499
    3. Hardest - English: Children's Lit online
    4. Least interesting - Stat 202

    1. It's kinda funny how children's lit is the hardest class. Not downplaying your struggles but I find it really ironic...

    2. out of orgo2, biol 484 and children's lit, that class was a nightmare. soo much reading, no joke

  6. Easiest - MUSIC 140 (Rock n Roll history)
    Most Interesting - CHEM 432 (Metabolism II) or BIOL 342 (Biotech)
    Hardest - CHEM 360 (Organic Chemistry III)
    Least Interesting - CHEM 209 (Spec)

  7. 1. Engl 101
    2. Phys 124
    3. Phys 242
    4. Phys 242

  8. 1. Clas 202 (roman History)
    2. Biol 359 (evolution)
    3. Biol 211 (zoology)
    4. Chem 237 (biochem)

    1. Oooh I forgot about biol 359. That was an interesting class! Witt is a great prof.

  9. 1. FR 151 (Basic French) Only because I started French from grade four. Didn't take French throughout high school, but managed to pull a great mark.

    2. PSYCH 218 (Psychology of Death and Dying) You must take this course because it is one of the most scientific accounts towards death and dying you will ever experience. It gets pretty emotionally intense sometime.

    3. LAT 101 (Introductory Latin) Too many cases and endings! Must... Resist... Rage quitting.

    4. PSYCH 120J (Philosophy of Life and Death) Seriously, the prof would not shut up about how Catholic he was. Extremely irritating because he tries to connect the material back to his personal experiences with religion (and by religion, I mean Catholicism). Misleading syllabus and misleading course name; should be changed to 'Philosophy of Dead Catholic Dudes'.

  10. 1. MUSIC 100
    2. STAT 450
    3. STAT 433
    4. ACTSC 371

  11. 1, PHYS122 -- Easier than grade 10 science
    2, STAT240 -- so much fun I wished it never ended
    3, MATH245 -- hard but still fun
    4, ECON101 -- boring as hell

    1. was phys 122 really that easy?

  12. easiest: FR 152A, french 1
    most fun: PHYS 35?, statistical mechanics
    hardest: AMATH 4??, intro to general relativity
    least fun: MATH 11?, linear algebra 2

  13. Easiest: FR 151A (French 1)
    Most Interesting: CLAS 104 (Classical Mythology)
    Hardest: PMATH 365 (Differential Geometry)
    Least Interesting: STAT 231 (Statistics)

  14. Easiest: PSYCH 211 (Developmental Psych - no work whatsoever)
    Most Interesting: CS 475 (Computational Linear Algebra)
    Hardest: CS 475 (Definitely worth it)
    Least Interesting: STAT 231 (Statistics...ew)

  15. Easiest: GER 101 (German 1)
    Most Interesting: BIOL 211 (Vertebrate Zoology)
    Hardest: CHEM 266 (Organic Chemistry 1)
    Least Interesting: CHEM 237 (Biochemistry)