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Updated on Tuesday, August 5


QUESTION: Is there a way to remove a mark on my transcript I already took? Please note: At that time I had severe depression because of a tragedy in my family.


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    1. Can you do this a few terms in the future? Say I'm in 4A and want to remove a mark from 2B?

    2. You can try. The farther back, the less likely it is. And, while I've never done it myself, from friends who have they tend to wipe whole terms, rarely just one or two courses.

  2. As someone who has been to the petition meetings (for one faculty, I'm sure it depends on your faculty though) it will be very hard to have that change passed, especially if it is that long ago,

  3. Yes there is! In situations like these it is possible to have your transcript changed if you talk to the right person