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Updated on Tuesday, August 5


QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the definition of racism/sexism as "power + prejudice"?

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  1. Personally, I think it's a terrible idea, because it creates double standards that are equally as harmful, but only allows one side to be taken seriously while having the other often become a joke (women being made fun of for liking 'boy' things = harmful sexist ideology which must be stopped, while men being made fun of for liking 'girl' things = lol male tears), and protects the more violent members of a movement from being called out under the guise of 'lashing out at oppression' (the idea that women can't rape/men can't be raped, because of the thought that men are more violent and women live in fear of male-perpetuated violence)

    I think it would be better for sexism=discrimination based on gender, and racism=discrimination based on race, and for people to realise that there are different levels of discrimination and that a minority group facing discrimination doesn't make the discrimination faced by the majority group a nonissue