OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, August 5


QUESTION: Does anyone have some tips or tricks for looking for a four month lease in Toronto? Working there in the fall, and having a little bit of trouble finding a decent spot within a decent price range (then again, aren't we all?)


  1. OP what is your budget range and what location(s) in Toronto are you after?

    1. I'm looking for places near downtown Toronto, or anything within a thirty minute subway commute to downtown (Queens Park, Bay & Wellesley, Chinatown, Kensington, etc.)

      RIght now, my maximum is $650. I'm not looking for luxury, but a decently close and clean place to stay.

    2. Would you be interested in a place near Front & Bathurst? It's a one bedroom but the living room is converted into a bedroom. You and the landlord would share one bathroom (with access from both the master bedroom and the hallway). The whole unit is about 550 sq ft. and the rent is $600 + utilities and internet.

  2. Try the usual sites: padmapper, kijiji, craig's list. Getting a lease >4 months won't be so bad as you have a high chance of finding a subletter in Toronto. That is if your place is decent aka not a shit hole. lol