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Updated on Tuesday, August 5


QUESTION: Is it worth it joining a sorority at uWaterloo? If so, does anyone know when recruitment is? And what are the fees like?


  1. Nobody can tell you whether joining a sorority is worth it for you. It depends on what you're trying to get out of it and what your expectations are. Recruitment is structured in a way to allow you to get to know the various sororities so you can make your own decision.

    Greek Council has a booth at clubs day (the second week of classes) where you can ask sisters from various sororities about their experiences. We also hold an information session on the Friday evening (September 19) where you'll get all the information on how recruitment works. Recruitment events will be held every day from September 22 to 26 inclusive and bids will be given out Saturday, September 27.

    I'm not sure what the fees are for this year, but you will be told at the recruitment events. The local sorority will be less expensive than the international ones and your dues for the first semester will be greater than your dues for the rest of your terms. It is considerably less expensive than most Greek systems because we don't have houses. Payment plans are offered so the money doesn't have to be given upfront.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. What the actual fuck? You have to pay for this shit?