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Updated on Monday, July 14


Have you ever been in a relationship where you really love your SO but cannot stand their family as much as you would want to?

What did you do? Did things eventually change and now you and the family members are close?


  1. My SO's family is super nice to me but they are - in my opinion - almost unbearably lax when it comes to cleaning. I used to feel sick when I'd go over to his familial home because the floor would be covered in dog hair, the counters would be caked in dry sauces and the bathroom had no hand soap - among other things. I love him and them like no one's business but it's way harder to respect them and to feel comfortable around them because of it.

    How did I deal with it? I became less sensitive over time and I cleaned when they weren't there. Eventually, they got the hint a bit and at least got hand soap.

    1. seems like you have the problem not them

    2. @1a: Is it normal in your household to not have hand soap in the bathroom...? Remind me to avoid you on campus - or don't, because I'll probably be able to smell you from a mile away.

  2. I had this. The family was so white trash and not changing any time soon. We broke up which I'm so happy about now, because that's not something that just goes away or becomes unimportant. It would have come back to bite me again and again.

  3. My boyfriend's family is really nice and treat me well. However, I can only stand them in small doses. His sister has a lot of disabilities and adores me, which I appreciate, but after three days of playing babysitter/new-BFF, I'd rather stay in a hotel. His mom and I have nothing in common, so it's hard to make conversation and be sociable when there's really nothing to talk about.

    I quite like his dad, he's a funny guy and often keeps to himself.

  4. I used to date a girl whose mom was one of the stupidest arrogant cunts I've ever met.

    Good thing she dumped me because she adored her mother and was heading in the same direction.