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Updated on Sunday, July 13


QUESTION: What odd living arrangements have you guys been in or heard of as students? It doesn't necessarily have to be in Waterloo. Whether it's renting a windowless den or a solarium, or having to travel far just to find laundry facilities. I've had a positive experience renting a living room but just want to hear from others too.


  1. Last year, up in Ottawa, I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my ex. As you can tell, that did not last too long and I am now going to be renting a bedroom in a townhouse that is owned and lived in with the house owner. Everything is included for $500. The only things I have to live with are the facts that she has two cats and I have to be a non-smoker. I also can't have people stay the night. Nothing wrong with that. I can just crash at other people's places if I want to have a good night. Problem solved!

    She also said that I am more than welcomed to have dinner with her and her family, whether she has them over.

    This might not be an odd living arrangement but that is just where I am, currently!

  2. A friend of mine rented half a living room (the other half was rented by someone else).