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Updated on Sunday, July 13


QUESTION: Do you like where you're at right now? Anything you would change?


  1. As far as basic essentials go, I'd say that I do like where I am, currently. I have a wide circle of friends, a loving family, a college diploma and another on the way, etc. I also have an internship for the time being, and I have made some new friends, connections and have, for the most part, enjoyed my time with it.

    OTOH, there is quite a bit that I would like to change. I want to work on improving myself via working out, figuring out a good career, being valuable to a potential partner, etc. I would also like to change my thinking patterns such as over thinking, comparing myself to others, etc.

    Oh, and I would really like to play a new sport, especially lacrosse.

  2. I hate where I'm at. I have gotten fat cause I stopped working out and I'm failing all my classes.

  3. I kinda like where I am and where I'm going. I have a loving family, some friends, and enough money for the essentials. I'm 9-10 months from graduation.

    Things I would like to start/be proactive with in the immediate future (~ a year):

    * Secure a job upon graduation
    * Start working out - I've been slacking for too long
    * Find a girlfriend
    * Get a cat

  4. I like where I am , just want to lose 20 pounds, and wish I hadn't slept with my good friends gf. That is my one only mistake I really wish I could take back.

  5. Generally I like where I am.. but I think I'm starting to realize that I want to go into law, but I am currently in engineering. Not trying to imply that other programs are easier, but I think it will be very hard for me to get the marks that most law schools want.

    Otherwise, everything is great :)

  6. I'm happy with where I am right now. Lots of friends, loving boyfriend and family, currently studying in a prestigious program where I'm guaranteed a good job upon graduation (with no debt).

    What I need to work on... be more healthy and do more exercise. My body is rather frail and I get sick somewhat easily. I wish I could find more motivation to go to the gym =/

  7. Not at all, and I don't know where to start.

  8. I want to learn more things, make it out to the gym more often, and get the fuck out of this shitty town.

    But for the most part I'm pretty happy with how I've been doing, and I'm especially happy with how my career is progressing.

  9. I live in that really weird sketchy house at the corner of Hickory and Spruce, some of you may have seen it... there was a broken set of stairs in our front yard for a time.

    It's ok, I would change the weird shit that's always hanging off the front of our house, and maybe make it less moldy inside.

  10. I really really need to start having a longer view of my life and work towards goals a little further into the future. I'm really happy with right now but long-term decisions keep "creeping up" in a way that big decisions like that really shouldn't.