OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, July 11


QUESTION: Has anyone worked for Science and Technology Branch of Environment Canada in Ottawa? Is it true that the closest bus stop to the facility is 20 minutes walk away? Is it better to get a car? Thanks!


  1. What building? I've worked in two different buildings for science & technology in Ottawa on different coop terms... branch doesn't define the location.
    I've been fine bussing to all the ones I've worked at though.
    If you mean the River Road labs then the bus goes straight to the building, though the bus only comes like once an hour in the morning & evenings. But most students bus no problem.

    1. OP here. Thank you sooooooo much for your info. I'll be working at the River Road site. I used both google maps and the ottawa transit website and tried to find a route but it wouldn't show. Could you tell me what the route number it is that goes straight to the building? I really appreciate your help!!! :)

    2. why don't you look it up yourself? It will literally take 1 minute

    3. Route 189. Depending where you live you might have to transfer at South Keys Station but it's not difficult.

      If you're trying to use sites to look up the route maybe try putting in your actual work time into it? Cause it's only weekdays in mornings and evenings that the 189 runs.

    4. OP here. Thanks so much for your help. I couldn't find it online because i wasn't expecting the last 189 bus in the morning to be before 8 am. Now I found it and thanks much :)

  2. 20 min isn't that bad. You would get used to it, trust me.