OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, July 11


QUESTION: I just started out working out on a regular basis about a month ago and I was wondering what are some really good exercises to do with the barbell. Currently, I've been doing weighted squats but want to do more than just that. I'm a girl, if that really matters.


  1. Stronglifts 5x5. Check it out.

  2. Pretty much what 1 said. Deadlifts and squats for legs, bench press, overhead press and rows for upper body. BUT make sure you have proper form. Watch videos on youtube or ask someone who knows how to do it to help you. Bad form when doing compound exercises like those with a lot of weight can easily result in a trip to the hospital.

  3. Being a girl really doesn't change anything here. Maybe if you also happened to be pretty pregnant at the time, you'd have to take that into consideration.