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Updated on Friday, July 11


QUESTION: Has anyone taken SCI 237 - Exploring the Universe before? I want to take an elective which would be interesting, not too hard and not too time-consuming. How is the course graded e.g. assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.?


  1. Not sure about this one but I've heard Sci 238 (the science/eng equivalent) is pretty easy.

    Also I just want to mention that I think it's hilarious that they make two versions of this course and the science/eng/math one is named "Introductory Astronomy" while the Arts/Environment one is named "Exploring the Universe" XD

    1. 237 is qualitative with a lot of written assignments while 238 is quantitative with a lot of physics and calculations

    2. ^ Which is exactly why 238 is easier.

  2. Took it a few years ago and it was awesome! Just tests and a group assignment using a telescope.

  3. I took it last fall and it's a fairly interesting course! There was a midterm and an exam, a few very short written assignments (we're talking 500 words here), and an individual lab and a group lab that both involved observations. I'd say that it's not incredibly time consuming although the labs can be a pain in the ass, and it's an extremely easy course to do well in.