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Updated on Friday, July 11


QUESTION: What happened to that guy in math that used to fight Feds?


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    1. Sean didn't fight FEDS, he was FEDS Council speaker ffs.

    2. Isn't Sean the guy that Feds cut off at a debate thing? I think there's a youtube clip of it?

    3. Doubt that OP was posting about Sean but I'm curious what happened to him. I wanna go out with that dude so bad.

    4. Ok, not sure if this is a double post or if OMG ate my comment.

      I'm still around, but I graduated and am in my Master's now. I spend my days working in the MC, wasting time on the internet, and fighting off rampaging hordes of secret admirers on OMGUW.

      Wait. That's basically my undergrad too.

      I'm out of school politics because I graduated. I'll probably get back in if I don't graduate first. I'm in charge of this silly thing called FASS that you all should come and see!

      Oh, and obligatory link.

    5. Oh, and if for some strange and warped reason you feel the need to communicate with me, it should be really easy to figure out what my email address is, if you don't know already.