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Updated on Monday, July 7


QUESTION: I never played sports when I was younger (I danced) but I would really love to learn how to play tennis. Where can a 20 y/o girl with 0 "sports" experience go to learn to play tennis here in KW? None of my friends know how either/are not interested in it so I can't just go out with a friend and learn :(


  1. Hi,
    You're welcome to come to any of UW Tennis Club's sessions to just play with other members. You can try it out for 5$. The sessions run in Waterloo Tennis Club, 9-11pm Wednesdays, 6-9 Saturdays 6-8 Sundays, up until the last week of classes. This isn't exactly for learning, just to hit. Come to the club, find one of our execs at the front foyer and they'll explain how the sessions run. You'll need a clean pair of shoes and a racket (you can also rent one at the club for 2$).
    For learning we have a tennis academy, but it's already done for this term (that's with professional coaches and everything).
    For more info please visit
    or email us -

  2. or just head to Waterloo Tennis Club (located behind UWP) and ask about their lessons