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Updated on Monday, July 7


QUESTION: What is the optimal laptop on the market for porn viewing? Strictly porn.


  1. Mac is pretty good

  2. well

    you just need the cheapest netbook, then go to some junkyard and get an old CRT monitor for free and use that

    if you find a gamer's old CRT monitor (preferably a hardcore cs 1.6 player who only uses high refresh rate monitors) then you'll have a relaxing porn viewing time with that refresh rate that's not so bad for your eyes

  3. New Lenovo UHD's or Mac Retinas if you're a fag. The era of 4K UHD porn is upon us.

  4. Honestly, from my selection of a gaming computer with huge monitor, a mid tier laptop, and two tablets, I use my iPad.
    - Never had an issue with it not being able to play videos from my favorite sites.
    - I have a nice case with kickstand so it will stand beside me in bed, or in the washroom, and can travel with it easily.
    - It is light so I can have it on my body and not be in the way.
    - It is easy to switch to private mode to not store cookies or history.
    - Decent quality, its not very often you can stream free HD videos.