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Updated on Monday, July 7


QUESTION: Hey. I have a housing dilemma. I am currently living off campus at $650/month and have a spacious basement to myself with a shared kitchen and patio. I am however considering moving in one of the university residencies for an year. Should I?


  1. imo not worth it - same price, closer to campus, but you're sharing it with roommates (can be annoying), bathroom and kitchen are busy a lot.

  2. Fuck it trust me...

  3. Op here. Thanks! I was also considering checking out the luxe housing. Anyone living there/lived there recently? Or any other good recommendations? :)

    1. Luxe is ok, they overcharge, you never really end up using all the amenities, I'd suggest going with sage instead, it's cheaper and more spacious.

  4. Somebody has a lot of money :(

  5. That's because the only main thing I spend on is rent. Scholarships and family take care of the rest :3

  6. The university residences would be less space, more rules, and you'd probably be paying more. I was paying $3000 for the term in first year for the cheapest residence, which factors out to about $750 a month.