OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, July 7


QUESTION: Sleeping with a friend who is mutual friends with you and your ex...yay or nay?


  1. at the time you will be all "YAAAYYYYY!!!" but afterwards you will be all like "NAYYYY" and eating grains from a trough.

    But seriously, they will talk, it could ruin any relationship with your ex, and the relationship between your friend and your ex. If you are fine with that, go for it.

  2. Nay if you're my ex, I don't need that drama.
    Yay if I don't know you. Get your freak on.

  3. Depends, how long ago was the breakup? Do you still have feelings for your ex or visa versa?

    1. OP here.

      My ex and I broke up in late April. She will not be where I'm going to school again, (along with the mutual friend), and I have no feelings for my ex, whatsoever.

      OTOH, my ex has said that her feelings for me did come back when we met up a month after the breakup when we were exchanging some of our things. She has since stopped talking to me when she learned that I didn't have feelings for her anymore and to protect herself with any emotional harm.

      The two girls only have FB to keep in contact with each other. The reason why I mentioned about the mutual friend is because she has gone on record to say that she has had feelings for me and almost hit on me until she quickly realized that I was taken at the time.

    2. To add, I should mention that I won't be seeing this friend of ours until late August/early September when school is about to start.

  4. *from any emotional harm, not with. Autocorrect!