OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, July 4


QUESTION: Girls: where's a good hair salon in waterloo?


  1. Sam at Cowboy's and Angels uptown is really good and super fun to talk to!

  2. I go to Frenzi in Uptown. I've always had great service and I've been going to my hairdresser there for years now. They've even helped me with mishaps caused by other stylists (like when I got my hair done for a wedding...and they burnt it T.T)

  3. They all suck (I'm from Waterloo and have been to many so this comment comes from experience)

  4. I go to Romeo's uptown. It's an Aveda Salon. I go to Lisa, hair cut is $54 plus tip. Best haircut in town and such nice people. Seriously I have tried almost every place in Waterloo, I'm crazy picky about my hair. Gina's on Regina is the 2nd best.

    1. I've been to Lisa. She's shit. She literally spent 10 minutes cutting my hair and then was like "Wow your hair is so pretty can I curl it?" and charged me extra for curling... If you are going to go to Romeo ask for Ashley or anyone BUT Lisa.