OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, July 4


QUESTION: Is it too early to look for Winter sublets now? I won't be in Waterloo during the fall term so I wanted to take care of it now during school.


  1. I would say it's pretty early, especially if you are looking for discounted prices. People usually start posting in Sept/Oct. I barely see any posts right now (I'm looking too).

  2. It's too early. Even Sept/Oct is too early. People post winter sublets in November when they figure out what their co-op plans are for the next term.

    Whenever I was in a different city for a term, I would make a bunch of house viewing appointments on the same day and travel to Waterloo to see the places in person. And I would decide on a place and sign a lease/give them last month's rent on that same day. Or you could ask a friend to go look at the places for you.

    You could also just rent a place without seeing it in person but I don't recommend it unless you're really living far away. If you do decide to do this, my advice is to avoid the sunnydale/cedarbrae area. (Just north of campus) I've seen two places in this area and both were really terrible.