OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, July 4


QUESTION: Guys, what do you think about when you are jerking off?


  1. Jake Bass. Tim Kruger. Tom Faulk.

  2. I think exclusively about OP

  3. I think about a maggot infestation on a blue waffle.

  4. "why is my dick so small"

  5. Not a boy, but weirdly, when I masturbate I fantasize about giving my boyfriend blow jobs.

    How he would sit in one of those wooden metal framed chairs and I would be on my knees in an empty classroom. How I would start at the tip and wet my lips, sliding gently down his shaft, with my warm tongue tasting him. How I would deep throat him slowly, picking up speed, and suck ever so slightly when I slide to the top of his shaft and salivate tasting his pre-cum. How I would massage his balls, and use my hands on him as I lick them. How I would suck him off so well he'd be on the verge of cumming within minutes.

    1. Damn, I wish I was your bf. Sexy :)

  6. My cock sandwiched between two soft, small feet.