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Updated on Thursday, July 31


QUESTION: Does anyone here commute to and from school/work (i.e. drive for an hour or more), and how much of a disruption do you find it as part of your life?


  1. I drove for an hour to and from work during my winter co-op term. It honestly wasn't that bad. I would just crank up the music or listen to audiobooks while I was driving, so I didn't mind it.

    The only downfall were: snowstorms, gas money, the fact you had to get up much earlier, traffic, and trying to stay awake early in the morning on highways. But if you're going to be living at home (like I did), then saving for gas money wouldn't be a problem. Driving to work is fine since you don't have any obligations once work is over, but driving to school wouldn't be ideal knowing that you have to waste an hour driving home, losing time on finishing assignments or studying.

    But that's just my two cents.

  2. I commute an hour by bus each way everyday. I'm used to it. I read and listen to music.

    1. I've commuted by streetcar for co-op terms, and I loved taking it in the mornings. It gives me so much time to read, and I didn't even mind if the streetcar was stuck, making the commute longer than the usual 40 minutes.

    2. Same as 2. Live in Kitchener but commute by bus is an hour. It is an excellent way to zone out in the morning or get readings done. I'm definitely used to it by now but I think I would appreciate living closer. It's doable.

  3. Not fun and very tiring. Imagine having to study for a midterm after a long and tiring 8 hour work day. Especially worse if your work place is in Toronto. Might not be as bad if you have 1-2 distance Ed classes, but otherwise it's not worth the trouble. Would strongly advice against it.

  4. While working commuting is okay other than it sucks during traffic or bad weather.. Commuting 1.5 hours each way + subway for all my work terms and would probably max commute an hour ever. Is better when working because no obligations when you get home but obviously you have more time and have more flexibility in arrival times if you live close by.

  5. I've been living at home during co-op terms and taking the GO into work. It's about 1 hour from the time I get to the station in the morning and the time that I get to my office, depending on how slow other people are going in Union/The Path.... -_-
    Other than having to walk behind large groups of incredibly slow people, I quite enjoy the commuting part. I put some TV shows on my tablet, watch them on the train, and it goes by pretty fast.
    Although being stuck behind large groups of excessively slow people just gets me incredibly angry.....not a good start to the day....
    I really hate people who walk slowly.

  6. The bus is fine but make sure you keep track of costs if you are driving. It can end up costing the same as renting a nearby place.

    I commute to school using the bus.