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Updated on Monday, July 28


QUESTION: Any suggestions on car rentals? I am looking to rent to move my stuff to Toronto for co-op(have quite a lot of stuff). Also wondering what insurance etc I should get(I have no insurance on my credit card). What is this liability and deductible people talk about?


  1. Deductible is the amount that you cover if you submit a claim to insurance. The larger the detuctible, the smaller the fees. For example, if you have a $500 deductible and you get into a wreck that causes $5000 damage, the insurance company will send you a cheque for $4500.

  2. Liability is the costs you are responsible for. Credit cards usually only cover accident waiver insurance and not primary liability. Accident waiver is the damages to the rental car. Primary liability is for the damages to other people/vehicles/properties. If you're covered under your parent's car insurance, it usually extends to rental cars as well.
    Source: crashed a rental car.

    You might want to just look into hiring movers. Renting a car with insurance and everything might not be worth it.

  3. Heads up: you have to be 25 in Ontario to rent a car

    1. Some places will rent to under 25 for a fee

    2. Uhaul will rent to anybody over 18 with a G2 and a pulse.