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Updated on Saturday, July 26


QUESTION: Is it normal when you're in front of a mirror sometimes, to start having your thoughts like conversations to yourself where you're mouthing the words, making expressions, gesturing with your arms, using words like "you" like you're having a conversation with someone else and then stopping and thinking how weird it is and then still doing it every once in a while again. Like if you're standing in front of a mirror for a bit.


  1. It's normal to do it, maybe not to post about it in such detail

  2. I have a double persona made for myself that acts as my consciousness that guides me what to do. I know he is not real, but when I am in trouble and I need help, he is more real to me than anyone else.

    Trust yourself, talking to yourself is not bad

  3. I talk to myself more than anyone else. I also tend to personify myself as "another" version of me. It is nice to bounce ideas off of yourself in this way. I think it is healthy. It is a way of removing your conscious mental control from a part of your identity and allowing it to react as it sees fit with lesser control from you. Or at least it feels that way.

  4. Like a daemon from His Dark Materials!
    Oh how I wish that they were real. Then I'd have a friend!

  5. i do it all the time, even when i'm not in front of mirrors

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    1. Average? Common? Or at least not very uncommon?

  7. nigga I do that everyday just like my weed