OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, July 25


QUESTION: Public intoxication in Ontario.

Reading up into it officers basically have the right to ticket and detain you if they so feel like it.

Can somebody explain why I shouldn't worry about this?


  1. don't be an idiot and no cop will have just cause to detain you

    and if they do then a lucrative civil suit would be in your near future

  2. In Ontario you have to be substantially intoxicated to be fined, and intoxicated to the point of being a danger to yourself or others to be arrested.

    The police are not going to detain you unless you give them an explicit reason to. You shouldn't worry about it.

  3. They put you in the drunk tank till you sober up and worry for a few hours

    then they let you go

  4. You gotta be rowdy and unresting the civil order of things for that to get enforced

  5. Also depends where you are. My friend was arrested in Grand Bend for being publicly intoxicated, although he was not being a danger to himself or others. Also will depend on if a cop feels like ruining your night.

  6. As an ARBUS major who wants to go into Law, I know that as long as you always ask, "Am I being detained?" then it doesn't matter how intoxicated you are or how much you are slurring your words, the police cannot do anything to you. Just my two cents :)

  7. Then don't get black out drunk and do shit you'll regret

  8. Well if you follow the law, you won't have a reason to worry about it.

    And if you don't follow the law, you don't have a reason to worry about it if you don't act like a drunk douchebag.

  9. If you're not acting drunk, they won't know. If you are acting drunk, you shouldn't be in public anyway.

    1. Lol, have you ever left a bar or a friends house without going into public?