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Updated on Friday, July 25


QUESTION: I am going back to the same co-op job for the 3rd time and for my last co-op. They really like me, and have strongly hinted at offering me a job for after school. How can I turn it down to start my own company without losing them as an option if it doesn't work out? My job is drastically different from the first time I was in the exact position as they learn what I am capable of. Originally I was working with satellite images, now I am going to be working on Google Glass.

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  1. I don't see why they would be so upset that you'd lose them as an option. Regardless of how you tell them (unless you're a complete asshole, which would only happen if you tried to be a complete asshole) they would decide whether to take you back later based on their needs at that time, not based on how you told them you need to leave.