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Updated on Wednesday, July 23


QUESTION: i'm the only single girl out of my close friends, and it makes me super lonely!! i cant seem to meet new people outside my program. other than joining clubs, what can i do to meet people?


  1. Assuming this is not a joke go with one of the free online services.

    OKcupid is better than tinder if you are looking for more than one date.

  2. I know of a youtube guru who met her long term 3+ boyfriend on OkCupid. Personally I haven't used any dating sites, but I am also single. Don't settle for any guy just because you're lonely!

  3. I met my current girlfriend at Bomber, but it helps that we have friends in common. Look among your friend group and try to meet their friends as well.

    If that doesn't work go to an engineering building and pick a guy at random.

  4. Say hi to people you want to talk to. It will be nerve racking at first, but once they say something back, all the nerves go away.

  5. so hungry, fuck

    i'm definitely ordering more food @ the plaza tmr

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