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Updated on Wednesday, July 23


QUESTION: English 100A , 109 or 101A???? Which one is the easiest and less work load?


  1. Took 101A in my 1A. I read 2/6 books and went to ~85% of the classes and finished with 92%. Just pay attention, try to participate when you can and know how to write strong essays. It's not too bad.

  2. English 109 Online is probably the birdiest course I ever encountered. You write 3 essays, revise those essays, and further revise them all at once for a final portfolio. 20% comes from a bunch of simiple mini assignments (my first "assignment" was to write a tweet.. Easiest 2% I ever got) and there's a final worth 10% where you get to either write an essay on a topic they give you or argue against one of your previous essays. There's no books you have to read. If you're a strong writer, you'll easily get 90+. I got 97%, this one mark alone pushed me into excellent standing. A word of caution: your TA does all the marking so get to know their style and how they want you to write before you start writing.

    1. I agree, I took ENGL 109 Online and it was super easy and manageable. I never liked english and got 90%+ as well.