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Updated on Wednesday, July 23


QUESTION: What is the Biol 240 lab like? Is it similar to Biol 130L?


  1. The lab manual has about 30 labs which involve mostly swabbing and staining bacteria, and testing them under different environmental factors. There's two lab reports, and random pop quizzes on ANY and ALL lab procedures and results done to that date. Therefore it gets difficult for some to do well. There's also a final exam and the labs happen every week with multiple mini labs within the manual carries out each time.

  2. Person above described it pretty well. Best piece of advice I can give is to try to sit at the lab bench beside a good worker if you're in the same lab section as anyone you know. I'd say 80% of the lab procedures were done with the person on the lab bench beside you, 10% were done by yourself and 10% in larger groups. Make sure you read over the results and introduction information of ALL of the earlier labs and the current lab for the quizzes. They did ask some questions about the labs from the start of the term when we were halfway through so you can't just forget about the earlier material. If you're a fast worker you can often finish quickly and leave early which was really nice.