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Updated on Monday, July 14


How can I stop daydreaming in class?

Currently my attention in classes constitutes:

40% paying attention to lecture
10% on phone
30% thinking about death
20% thinking about sex

Any tips on how to curb daydreaming in general would be appreciated. Thanks,


  1. 1. Get rid of that phone (yes, put it away), and tack on that 10% to the lecture.
    2. Find someone to talk to about your issues, and maybe you'll manage to score an extra 30% towards paying attention.
    3. Find yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend or rub one out before class, and there's another 20%.

    4. Sit in the front row
    5. Read the course material before coming to class.

    It's not easy, but it's not too hard.

    1. I find that I spend a lot more time daydreaming about sex when I'm in a relationship and have it on a regular basis. Sometimes the whole lecture drifts by...

  2. Do you like the course? Everybody's minds wander but I find it happens most when I don't understand the topic, am lost in the content from lack of reviewing, or have no interest in what's being taught. To help the first two, I skim over the material ahead of classes. Profs encourage this all the time and I always thought yeah yeah ok, but I noticed once I got those words and concepts about to be presented in my head, even just a few from a quick glance at the slides, I became more interested in hearing a thorough explanation of them during the actual classes.

    My other method was reminding myself I'd have horrible notes to study from later if I didn't pay attention, especially in classes where the prof didn't put much on the slides.

  3. People spend more time thinking about death than sex?

  4. that's pretty good actually by ECE standards

  5. take notes on the lecture even if you know the material

  6. As others pointed out, reading on the lecture subject helps, so does sitting in the front row so you can hear better and see the slides clearer. Plus it's harder to drift off to daydreamland when a loud-voiced adult is speaking up trying to be heard from the back; trust me, I know from experience, and it often puzzles me why people hate the front rows so much.

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