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Updated on Friday, June 6


QUESTION: Is it possible to do a FARM/CS Double Major? That's approximately 47 credits. I transferred from Engineering and already have a bunch of credits from classes like Thermo,Orgo,Chem Eng, etc. Will these count towards the 50 credit maximum and thus hinder my ability to pursue the double major?


  1. You should speak with an advisor.

  2. Yes, my friend did that. He's a software engineer now... it pays better. As for the course limit, I ended with 47 courses and 5 WDs... which is over the 50 course limit. It wasn't a big deal because my average was solid and I never failed a course.

    10 courses of yours could probably go towards the 10 non-math electives.

    But honestly, there's like no overlap between CS and FARM. You would be here a very long time. Looking at FARM, there's like 20+ courses you need outside of your CS requirements. Maybe 15+ if you perfectly overlap things. Personally, I think the FARM degree is kind of pointless. All corporations really care about is that you have a quantitative degree and some kind of related experience or education.

    My advice: only do CS or pair a quantitative major with CS and start a professional designation if you want to go into financial services.

    For example, pair computational mathematics or statistics with CS and start the CFA designation. Both these majors don't require a lot of additional courses; comp math will overlap with CS a fair bit and stats only really needs like 7 stats courses beyond your CS requirements. This gives you a computing background, a data analysis background and the start of a professional designation.

    I regret not majoring in CS. But I'm really glad I didn't piddle around in actsci or FARM memorizing a bunch of rules or how to compute integrals.

    but yeah... Talk to your advisor.

  3. Well, interesting that you ask...I did that exact thing.
    Maybe the rules changed but I was able to skip all the breadth/depth requirements so I ended up taking one extra term with 3 classes and 3 6-class terms.

    However, I do agree that FARM is largely useless. If I got to redo everything I'd start in CS and audit or override into some of the interesting finance-related classes that I don't have pre-reqs for.
    Mind you, then I'd have to do the bullshit breadth/depth...