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Updated on Saturday, June 28


QUESTION: Does anyone have any tips on how to find sublets for fall term? What about the timing? Should I be patient and wait near the end of the term where hopefully there will be more people moving out?


  1. I've heard people say to wait till the end for students who are waiting till they found a co-op job before they subletted, but I think it's risky.

    What I did to secure a place was befriend someone who was in co-op as well but was a year younger than me. We were able to alternate using the room, which reduced the stress for both of us.

  2. Finding a sublet is going to be really hard but yeah if you wait until the end of August, there will be plenty of landlords still looking to rent out their places, and some might be willing to settle for a 4 month lease or month-to-month.

  3. Wait until mid July and August. You can start looking now but it's unlikely that you'll find an affordable 4 month sublet. Don't settle for a not-so-great place if you look right now. More ads will come.