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Updated on Monday, June 23


QUESTION: Having started going clubbing after 2 years of being in a relationship, it feels like I forgot how to get girls at a club or something.

I know I had way more success in the past when I used to go, from grinding to hooking up, but now it's like I don't know what to do.

For you guys that go clubbing often, do you talk to the girls you want to dance with or just walk up and start dancing? (This is at places like beta and phil's where the music may or may not be loud enough that you need to scream to communicate). If you wait for a bit before you put your hand on her hips or start with it?


  1. Rule #1: Be attractive!
    Rule #2: Don't be unattractive.

  2. As a girl, for the love of god don't just walk up to girls and get all handsy it is the most uncomfortable thing ever. Seriously, even if you just say hi first, it's so much less weird.

  3. dance close to a girl and let her come to you, extend your hand out for hers, talk to her and bring her to the dance floor... must be in CS

  4. I'm so glad I dont do this shit

  5. Advice from a girl: Don't just come up and get handsy. And don't come up behind a girl and start dancing. It's not about being shallow, but when I don't even know what you look like, all I know is your hands are on my hips and your dick against my ass, that's really creepy.

    I don't even really need you to come up and talk to me, just approach from the front, make eye contact and ask either with words, gesture, and/or body language.

  6. I don't get why anyone even bothers going to clubs sometimes. I understand that everyone has different boundaries, but if going to a club entails even the slightest concern about being fondled or otherwise coming into physical contact with some stranger in a manner similar to what 5 was talking about, then I'm out. I don't care for clubs anyway, but I can't understand how some people behave. If you're into that sort of thing though, by all means.

  7. Ignore what those girls said. They will basically do anything if you are attractive enough. If you are attractive you can do that shit, if you are not be nice.

    They can say what ever they want about personality and all that bullshit, come on, let's stop trying to pretend you care about anything but looks.

    Moreover, you are probably setting your sight too high. If you are unattractive you cannot approach attractive women. Your confidence will come off as creepiness. Ignore what ever comments they say about the difference between confidence and creepiness because again it comes down to attractiveness.

    In short, join a club if you want to find women who MIGHT like you for your personality. If you are looking to fuck, only go for girls in your league. Waiting until their judgement is really impaired is immoral!

    1. -1 I'm all kinds of disgusted by this comment.