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Updated on Friday, June 20


QUESTION: So recently I have been seeing this really sweet girl. And i think she is too good for me. Like a month ago if you asked me if i could get that, i would have laughed. But she seems into me.

I feel so disturbed by this. Have I ascended past my original league or something? Or am i like some pitstop for her


  1. Have a little self-confidence. I don't like the idea of one person being out of another's "league." What does that mean anyway? It's an artificial societal class system that we learned in our grade-school days. If she seems into you, she probably is. For all you know, she's used to being a "pitstop" too and she's worried that you're not going to stay in her life long either.

  2. There's nothing wrong with her or you. Other than your insecurity. Relax. She's a person. So are you. It's not unfathomable that she likes you. If you don't let up on the tension you will shoot yourself in the foot and sabotage the relationship by being unsure of her sincerity and doubting her actions no matter what she does.

    Enjoy it, and I hope you two are happy together.

  3. If she's hanging out with you and she acts like she's into you, don't waste time. Hold her hand, kiss her, tell her how you feel. Do something before she comes to the conclusion that you're not into her.

  4. A wise person on this site said something like .. "don't over-analyze it. It's easy."

  5. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Get on with it already!

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    1. instantly thought of Vegeta "ascending"

  7. Hey OP, want to update us?