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Updated on Friday, June 20


QUESTION: A lot of my friends smoke cigarettes and I'm considering trying it out but am unsure of the health risks which may come with it. Is smoking cigarettes bad for you?


  1. They are great for you... Don't listen to all that negative propaganda. You can get your daily doses of Vitamin A,B and C with just two cigarettes a day :) Plus they taste amazing.

  2. Ever noticed the pictures on cigarette packages? Yep, just don't.

  3. Are you fucking kidding me? How can one be so stupid

  4. You're increasing your risk at getting lung cancer (which you can die from). Your fingers will turn yellow, you'll feel sick, your teeth will start to turn yellow. If you continue to smoke, breathing will get harder, and shortness of breath will increase. If you exercise, that will get harder too.

    You're essentially breathing in chemicals that are in lighter fluid, butane, things in toilet cleaner, carbon monoxide (also deadly), sewer gas, arsenic, the list goes on. Many of the ingredients that are in cigarettes are known to cause cancer and even death. (By the way for those questioning my credibility, I learned about all this in health class in my high school).

    I don't know who you are, but you will live a much healthier life if you don't smoke cigarettes at all. Also the smell is absolutely revolting. It makes me want to puke. If your friends are pressuring you, then get new friends. You don't need people that make unhealthy choices in their life around you,

    I agree with number 4 - how CAN you be this dense? If you do start to smoke, well then start preparing for your funeral. You'll die younger than the most of us who don't. And also by smoking, you're putting the non-smokers at risk for second hand smoke (which is just as deadly) - and some people have a very high tolerance and can't handle the smoke exhale. And for those who want to comment "stay away from smokers" it's kind of hard when they're all over campus and the city, AND right beside the door of malls/school buildings). And as if they'll be respectful of that 10 m rule. But honestly, who wants to leave AL (for example) and walk right into a cloud of smoke. Disgusting.

  5. Please tell me you've been going to school....

  6. Obvious troll is obvious.

    But on the off chance you're not a troll, yes, you should start smoking. The world can do with one less retard.

    1. The problem is that smoking doesn't kill instantly. It doesn't kill until after most people have passed on their genes, so genetically your argument is unsound. And their long slow drain on the healthcare system is staggering.

    2. Actually there was a study released not too long ago saying that smokers actually have more benefit than cost because they generally never live on to collect cpp/other benefits and pay more taxes in.